Do you love your life, but feel that it could be even better?

NEW: Here is the TaliCard which increases the vibration in your existence! FREE

This Runic Druidess Delph Talisman is programmed as a vibrational image acting directly on the subtle energy planes.

This TaliCard is therefore active and very powerful.

It is effective from the moment of being received and instantly starts its effects in your life.

Use it as a desktop background or in the photo album of your phone.

By holding it close you will stick to its zone of influence.

You have nothing else to do to make it work.

Note: Never invert a TaliCard (upside down or like in a mirror), as you would get the opposite effect.

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You Can Share It

You can share it with a maximum of 7 people. But no more if you don’t want to risk disrupting its effect.

What is remarkable is that then you benefit from the cumulative vibration of all the people involved, both upstream and downstream from you. The vibration of your life will therefore increase every day and become considerable.

Just like your life!

How It Works

Like any other human being, you have a unique runic identity.

Ancestral knowledge makes it possible to add properties to your runic identity (peace, protection, luck, prosperity…).

By coding them on the subtle energy planes, you get the same ability directly in your daily life.

The very existence of these energetic levels in the universe has recently been proven by quantum physics.

Well before that some prominent names in history—Shakespeare, Newton, Victor Hugo, Mozart, Lincoln, Emerson, Picasso, Einstein, Tesla, and Steve Jobs—have exploited these energetic levels to make breakthroughs.

Delph is an authentic 21st century druidess mastering ancestral practices. Her latest work has made it possible to code the rune directly into a vibratory energy picture, which is the essence of the Digital Talisman.

Druidess Delph currently lives in France.

TaliCard Vibration is by invitation only. Usually, you are invited by someone who has included you in his vibratory chain.

However, you can also start your own chain by being the first link!

This possibility is open only for a few hours each week, so please come back later if Download is closed.

This is because of the Druidess’ limited ability to activate and consecrate new TaliCards.

You can then download your TaliCard and start your new chain of vibration.

Warning: The Druidess has limited ability to activate and consecrate new TaliCards. So, Download is available only for a few hours each week. Please come back later if there is no Download Button!