First, what exactly is a TaliCard?

A TaliCard is a unique Digital Runic Talisman that comes in an energetic vibratory picture specially designed for you!

It is activated, powered, and consecrated by the Druidess Delph!

It is effective from the moment it is delivered and instantly starts to affect your daily life.

It is permanently active (no recharges or reactivation required).

It is unique since it is designed to work with a specific person.

You can give it as a gift or resell it, but its powers will be transferred to the new owner (you’ll lose its powers), and its essence will completely change.

From delivery your TaliCard begins to bring you benefits, so you don't have to do a thing

See how to maximize its effects in simple ways! Here's how to maximize its benefits in mere ways!

Use your TaliCard as a desktop background and/or in the photo album of your phone

By holding it close you will stick to its zone of influence.

As a wallpaper you’ll see it every time you look at your phone. So you will accumulate its energy in every aspect of your life.

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to enhance its effect.

Note: Never invert a TaliCard (upside down or like in a mirror), as you would get the opposite effect.

Once a day

Best in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before going to bed, look at your TaliCard for about 30 seconds.

Then close your eyes and keep it in front of you even if your eyes are closed.

In a dream-like state, as if in meditation, ask yourself:

How would it feel to be completely free?

Let the vibrations flow to you.

Live the consequences of this freedom in your mind, and visualize scenes from your daily life in which you are really free and happy to be so!

Feel your emotions in the body to experience wellbeing, joy, and serenity.

To feel is the key.

It may be a challenge at first, which is perfectly normal

It will become easier as time goes by.

You are not alone!

Your TaliCard operates on a vibrational level and guides you to achieve this more easily.

You may feel guided by invisible forces.

Your life will definitely get better

The most significant thing is that you spot the changes in your life – anything that improves, even in subtle things.

You must become conscious of this.

Look out for signs that the vibration of your runic talisman is working and that your life is becoming more and more magical with each passing day.

When you experience joy and wellbeing, your feelings will tell that you have got the message!

Your emotions and the images you see in your mind are the media to communicate with your TaliCard, to tell it exactly what you expect, and that you are getting its message.

Just remember: "You are who you believe you are. Your TaliCard knows who you are. It is always at your side to work with you to achieve the life of your dreams. Trust yourself.