A single idea can change your life, making you forever free and prosperous

But such ideas are rare and often pure luck.

Coming up with opportunities is now possible with a TALICARD,  a unique NFT RUNE for more prosperity.

Claim your date of birth today and transmit its powers to you.


Runes have always existed and their powers have largely been explored throughout the centuries.

But today, NFTs expand their possibilities by tokenizing these powers into the blockchain.

Therefore, it has become possible to create NFTs which possess special powers by programming them in runic language.

Many are chained to their existence​ by doing uninteresting work and awaiting better days, when a single opportunity could radically change their lives. These opportunities are rare and finding them requires both intuition and loads of experience. The NFT Rune changes this by providing this power instantly.

Let’s take an example !

Alex Tew is a 21-year-old English student that needs money to pay for his tuition, but he refuses to get into debt and is looking for other sources of funding.

That’s when he had a unique idea: create The Million Dollar Homepage and sell 1 million of pixels at 1 $ each as advertising space.

50 $ for the domain name and 2 days of development were sufficient to launch the website.

4 months later, he had reached his goal: $1 million collected.

This intuitive power gave Alex Tew a prosperous life at only 21 years old, just because he saw a singular opportunity that most could not even envision.

A lot of people tried copying him without success, because this sort of idea only works once. The singularity of his idea being the key.

It is possible that you are already prosperous and that you want an even more prosperous existence. It’s also possible that your projects are not going the way you would like them to. But until now, there was only an ordinary approach to prosperity. The only choice you had was to spend a lot of time for results that would be uncertain. The NFT Rune will allow you to step up your game, thanks to its power.

Many will think that an NFT Rune is an unconventional concept.

These are the same people who said, a couple of years ago, that the Internet was a trend and that bitcoin was a new type of Ponzi scheme.
And yet, according to statistics, the success rate of their ordinary approach is only 10 %, which is low and, in the end, very risky.

So, let’s be happy to be part of the unconventional thinkers! Pragmatic and open-minded innovators who won’t hesitate to use the new tools of blockchain to build their prosperity.

In short, NFT Runes are programmed for a specific date of birth in order to transfer their power to single individuals.

To prevent interferences between people born on the same date, only one copy has been created for each date. With OpenSea’s 700K users, that’s an average of 50 users sharing the same birthday (and growing).

Caution: it would be advisable to verify that your date of birth is still available, or there might be a risk that someone else has bought it before you. We’ll talk about that in a moment.


What's the origin of the project?

Imagine a small group of friends, all entrepreneurs, veterans in crypto and experts in runes.

They succeed fairly well in life, but remain far from their objectives. And most importantly, succeeding takes a lot of their time, and none of them feel really free to do as they please. They’re clearly missing an essential key.

It’s over lunch that they all decided to regroup their skills. Their objective: to create a technologically foolproof way of becoming rich and prosperous quickly.

First, they analyzed the runic frequency of luck and prosperity. Then, they encoded a rune that vibrates on the same frequency. By matching the vibrations with a date of birth, the rune can exercise its powers on a specific person. All that remained was to tokenize it in blockchain and create an NFT to distribute it.

The Talicard was born!

To benefit from it, you’ll only need 2 things:

  1. Your date of birth
  2. The address of your OpenSea wallet

Because blockchain identifies you in a unique way, the Rune can transfer you its power as soon as the NFT is in your wallet. The effect is immediate.

But it’s not necessary to keep the NFT afterwards.

As a matter of fact, once the powers have been transmitted, you’re free to sell it.

This has two advantages:

  • You could profit from it, knowing that there is only one copy per date of birth. On average, 50 OpenSea clients have the same date of birth.
  • You offer someone else the chance to also live in prosperity, which is good for your karma!

Tip: keep a copy of the image of your Talicard on your mobile phone to stay in contact with its power.

The easiest way to buy a Talicard is to participate in a Drop.

Good news! The 13K are already minted on OpenSea, which prevents the usual « gas war » and allows you to see your Talicard before buying it.

The launching price of the Talicards is 0.20 to 0.54 ETH depending on its rarity (the number of people linked to a specific date). 

But you profit immediately from a Drop at 0.03 ETH 🙂

The offer is limited to 1 Talicard per wallet.

The Drop ends when 65 % of the Talicards have been sold.

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Verify the availability of your Talicard by entering your date of birth.
  2. If it’s available, fill the participation form for the Drop Form.

You will receive a reply by email within 48 h, with a link allowing you to buy it on OpenSea at the reduced rate of 0.03 ETH.

When multiple persons request the same date, we operate on a first come first served basis.

Tip: Nothing stops you from immediately securing your date of birth by buying it now at the launching price.

Bonus: the first 1000 buyers will have the chance to win 100 free Talicards through a giveaway.

Bonus 2: You will become a member of the Taliclub, a club for the prosperous who are free to choose their life, for free. You will also benefit from an Early Adopters status.

The first 1000 buyers will also become a VIP 1000, benefiting from even more privileges.

In short

Today, you can become free to choose your life and financially free. Thanks to the power of seeing singular opportunities.

This power allowed Alex Tew to win 1 $M in just 4 months, but the only way to do it instantaneously is to own a Talicard NFT rune.

Furthermore, by becoming a member of the Taliclub, you could meet those with whom you share affinities. Your privileged status will help get recognized.

It’s the moment to make a decision, and you have 3 options:

Option #1

You do nothing and skip your turn. You are already sufficiently prosperous and leave this chance to someone else. 

But if you want more liberty and prosperity, there are 2 other options available.

Option #2

You purchase your Talicard, either directly or via the Drop.

You instantly benefit from its power.

Your life changes, you gain liberty and prosperity.

You decide to collect the Talicard.

Its unique date of birth guarantees you its long-term value.

Option #3

You purchase your Talicard, either directly or via the Drop.

But you decide to sell it once its power has been transferred.

You still benefit from its power of prosperity that has been transferred to you.

You keep a copy of its image on your mobile phone to stay in contact with your Rune.

You have reimbursed your investment, while keeping the benefits from the NFT Rune.

It is most likely possible to be able to sell it at a higher price, thanks to the uniqueness of the date of birth.

You make someone else happy, that can also benefit from its powers without affecting yours, and it is good for your karma!

Only you can decide on the option that is best for you.

Note: You can buy your Talicard now and decide on the option later, nothing is urgent.



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