A unique NFT Talisman for PROSPERITY

Because we never attract what we want, but what we believe we are.

13K NFT Talismans minted on OpenSea, but only one per date of birth.

Why Talicard

Imagine a small group of friends, based in Paris and NYC. They’re all entrepreneurs, veterans in crypto, and experts in runes.

They’re doing fairly well in life but remain far from their objectives. And most importantly, succeeding takes a lot of their time, and none of them feel really free to do as they please. They’re missing an essential key.

It’s over lunch that they all decided to regroup their skills. Their objective: to create a technologically foolproof way of becoming rich and prosperous quickly.

First, they analyzed the runic frequency of luck and prosperity. Then, they encoded a rune that vibrates on the same frequency. By matching the vibrations with a date of birth, the rune can exercise its powers on a specific person. All that remained was to tokenize it in the blockchain and create an NFT Talisman to own it.

The Talicard was born!

Drop in progress

13K are minted on OpenSea. But only a single copy of TALICARD NFT has been created per date of birth.

So, enter your date of birth and check if yours is still available.


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