Why TaliCard

We all want to add something to our lives!

More money, self-confidence, charisma, or luck, but also to be inspired, to feel less stressed or anxious, to be protected from life’s ups and downs, or simply to find our calling.

There are numerous ways to do this, but none is easier or faster than a runic talisman.

Runes have been used in the important trials of life since ancient times.

While many have heard of them, their true power is only apparent through expert use. In particular, a runic talisman will only be effective if it is energetically and vibrationally activated, which can only be done by a Druid or Druidess consecrating it.

Hence an unconsecrated runic talisman is merely an inactive jewel with no true runic properties.

As entrepreneurs, researchers, therapists, and runic druids we were looking for ways to combine the power of runic talismans with the current world. Ways that are both easy and suited for everyday life.

Some recent advances have made it possible to create digital runic talismans in the form of energetic vibratory images that you simply keep in the photo album on your phone. This way by keeping it close to you you can effortlessly receive all its beneficial effects in your daily life.

While this may seem surprisingly simple, almost too easy to be true, as is often the case, it is by seeing the results that you truly understand how it works.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a vibratory picture is worth 10,000 words as soon as you experience it.

And you get its benefits for life, because the vibratory image remains permanently activated.

Druidess Delph

Delph is an authentic 21st century druidess mastering ancestral practices. She currently lives in France.

Aleph the Alchemist

Serial entrepreneur, former CEO of a listed company, researcher in spiritual technologies.