A unique NFT Rune for PROSPERITY

Imagination creates reality

Runes have been around for centuries, but it’s only recently, through the use of the blockchain and NFTs, that we were able to program runes to match their user’s personal needs.
  • A restaurant with a line around the block
  • A band with nothing but sold-out shows
  • A consultant booked six months in advance
  • A hairstylist who charges ten times the usual rates

What do you think all of these have in common?

Well, for one, they typically have a pristine execution of their practice. For without it, no business can succeed.

But more importantly, they’re convinced that they deserve to be where they are, on top of the mountain. Everything in their lives strengthens that belief. That’s because we don’t attract what we want, but what we believe we are.

That’s where the powers of runes lie, they will help you feel what it feels like to be at the top mountain.

I’m sure you’ve tried many approaches to reach financial prosperity.

You’ve worked hard, read some self-help books, attended seminars on the science of wealth, etc…

And by the law of total probability, you’ve had some hits. But probably a lot of misses.

The truth is that none of these techniques really work. Regardless of the efforts you will put in. None of this is really your fault, since they were the only techniques available, until today…

13K NFT Talismans minted on OpenSea, but only one per date of birth.

Many believe that an NFT Rune is an unconventional concept.

Sure. But these are the same people who claimed the Internet was a trend and bitcoin a new type of Ponzi scheme.

So, let’s embrace being part of the unconventional thinkers. The pragmatic, but open-minded, innovators who didn’t hesitate to use the new tools of blockchain to build up their prosperity.

NFT Runes rely on your date of birth to transfer their power to single individuals.

And to prevent interferences between people born on the same date, only a single copy has been created per calendar day.

But with OpenSea’s 700K users, that’s an average of 50 users sharing the same birthday (and growing).

And since the drop has started, it’s now the time to verify if yours is still available.

How we got started:

Imagine a small group of friends, based in Paris and NYC. They’re all entrepreneurs, veterans in crypto, and experts in runes.

They’re doing fairly well in life but remain far from their objectives. And most importantly, succeeding takes a lot of their time, and none of them feel really free to do as they please. They’re missing an essential key.

It’s over lunch that they all decided to regroup their skills. Their objective: to create a technologically foolproof way of becoming rich and prosperous quickly.

First, they analyzed the runic frequency of luck and prosperity. Then, they encoded a rune that vibrates on the same frequency. By matching the vibrations with a date of birth, the rune can exercise its powers on a specific person. All that remained was to tokenize it in the blockchain and create an NFT to own it.

The Talicard was born!

And when the media took interest in Talicard, they realized they had discovered a genuine key to prosperity.

Seen on NBC, FOX, CBS & 100+ more

To benefit from it, you only need 2 things:

  1. Your date of birth
  2. An OpenSea account

Because blockchain + date of birth uniquely identifies you, the Rune can transfer its power to you as soon as the NFT is in your wallet. The effect is immediate.

But it’s not necessary to keep the NFT afterward.

As a matter of fact, once the powers have been transmitted, you’re free to sell it.

This has two main advantages:

  • You profit from it, knowing that there is only one copy per date of birth (Again, as of Feb. 2022, an estimated 50 OpenSea clients share the same date of birth).
  • You offer someone else the chance to also live in prosperity, which is good for your karma!

Tip: Keep a copy of the image of your Talicard on your mobile phone to stay in contact with its power.

The drop is in progress.

13K are minted on OpenSea. But only a single copy of TALICARD NFT has been created per date of birth.

So, enter your date of birth and check if yours is still available.

Prosperity or not? Only you can decide.

Welcome to the Talicard community!



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