NFT Drop Announced Soon 🚀

We work toward decrypting the laws of our spiritual being and developing new abilities to succeed better in life

We are planning several experiments in the spiritual field:

Experiment #1

Talicard: The first collection of NFTS with magic powers. Owning one of the cards will enhance Luck and Prosperity.

The card’s power comes from an ancient rune that vibrates on your frequency. These vibrations resonate with you and will grow exponentially as they align with your core being. That’s why the card of your birth will bring you stronger powers.

If you are sick of unnecessary challenges in life, you now have the power to make changes rapidly and effortlessly.

Get your first Talicard and start living the life you dream of.

How it works & Why it works

Each human being is unique. Our physical body is encoded into our genes. Our spiritual body is encoded into our runic identity.

Runes exist in the subtle energy planes. They are not visible to the naked eye but their existence is proven by quantum physics.

The same way we can enhance our physical body through clothes and tools, we can enhance our runic identity through ancestral knowledge. Enhancements at the runic level allows us to gain luck and prosperity for instance.

Our Druidess Delphy has mastered the ancestral practices necessary to make these runic enhancements. Over the last year, she worked to encode them into NFTs which led to the creation of the Talicard project.

Talicards are NFT cards that enclose a rune. Owning a card will enhance your runic identity and allow you to gain luck and prosperity.

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